Neha is an Entrepreneur, Tennis Coach and Wellness Blogger based in New York in the United States. A former professional tennis player, she retired from the game after 6 years at the very highest level and now focuses her time on helping students and followers of her smash-hit blog and YouTube channel, elevate their existence by promoting healthy living and empowering them to adopt positive habits that have enduring physical and mental results.

A graduate of Princeton University, Neha brings a smart, no-nonsense approach to her work with her audience, which is grounded in inspirational and practical strategies to improve the body and mind and produce optimal performance both at work and play.

Her professional sports career began at the age of 9 when she moved, with one of her older sisters, Shikha, to Florida to train at the prestigious Saddlebrook Tennis Academy. She joined the professional tennis tour at age 17 (after completing  her freshman year at Princeton) and made it to the US Open and 2 WTA doubles finals before retiring in order to return to her studies.

While her sports career hit many highs, there were some dark moments that she has had to work through, surfacing happier, stronger and eager to use her mountain of experience to help others start afresh with their physical and mental health, and never look back.

An Indian-American role model, Neha now advocates for healthy lifestyles and excellence in athletics and academics. She also co-founded South Asians in Sports, a network of South Asian professionals that work and play in sports.

Across the US and in India, Neha is in constant demand for media and speaking engagements and her writing appearing on, among many others, The BBC, Sports Illustrated, The Huffington Post and Al Jazeera.

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