Anthea & Michael Cooper – New York, NY

“Neha, Michael was fortunate to connect with a person that continues to make him better. Because of your coaching/mentoring on and off the courts, Michael has a renewed love for tennis. He has become a stronger and more determined athlete. Your relationship with him has perpetuated him to train at a full time Academy in the pursuit and passion of playing on the Pro circuit. We are forever grateful for all you have deposited into our son’s athletic career. “

Rachel Sagebien – Princeton, New Jersey

“Neha Uberoi is an inspirational, kind, fun, skilled and knowledgeable coach. She instructed both my daughters for a year, and it would have been longer if she had not moved. My girls were 7 and 9 and had just started playing tennis. Neha was wonderful in motivating them and teaching them fundamentals, which have been key as they have developed their game and started doing tournaments. Neha exhibited great patience and ingenuity in keeping my 7 year old focused, on task and having fun. With my 9 year old, she not only improved her strokes and ball placement, but got her thinking about strategy. Neha turned footwork and technique exercises into fun games the girls looked forward to playing. My daughters loved their time playing with her and we were all sad to lose such lovely instructor and friend to her new home.”

Reshma Srivastava- Princeton, New Jersey

“Neha Uberoi has been a true mentor and coach for my two girls over the last few years.

My older daughter, Sonal started taking tennis lessons with her when she was 13 years old. She had been training with other coaches and reached a good level where she was competing in USTA tournaments and winning matches. But she was always a very defensive player and, as the level got tougher it was clear that she needed to dial up her offensive game more. We approached Neha to help guide her and in the next few years, Sonal’s game changed significantly. Neha’s drills helped her to gain confidence in her game, encouraging her to take more risks by moving into the court- taking swing volleys and approaching the net confidently. Sonal took her game to a much higher level because of Neha’s guidance and was able to compete in several high level National tournaments like the Clay Courts, Winter Nationals, Hard Court and even ITF tournaments. Besides helping Sonal with her game on court, Neha provided her with strong guidance on how to approach her college recruiting process. She went out of the way to guide Sonal and help her to achieve her goal of playing tennis for a D1 school. Sonal recently got recruited to play for the Yale Women’s team next year and we are so thankful to Neha for her guidance and mentorship.

The amazing aspect of Neha’s coaching skills is that she can address the needs of both experienced players as well as beginners- my younger daughter, Rhea started playing with Neha when she was nine. Neha helped with every aspect of her game- most importantly serves. She helped Rhea to conquer her fear of double faults and instilled in her the confidence of being able to serve effectively! At the 12 and 14-year level many girls play a defensive game and rely on high lobs to frustrate their opponents. Rhea had many frustrating losses in the 12s and 14s USTA tournaments too because she wasn’t able to play girls who lobbed their way to victory. Neha’s comment to Rhea was that: You need to become a “Swing Volley Queen”- then no one can dare give you lobs!

And Rhea did develop that aspect of her game- over the last few years Rhea’s game has improved significantly and she is now competing in National USTA tournaments like the Junior Orange Bowl, Clay Courts and Winter Nationals. For all the help and guidance, both on and off court, that Neha has provided to both my girls, we will be forever grateful to her. Wish they could play with her everyday!”

Paul Spencer- Princeton, NJ

“My son, now a top national ranked player, worked with Neha for over two years on all aspects of his tennis development. Neha provided the complete package, from stroke mechanics and competitive match play to specialized fitness and exercise.Neha also has a very positive and constructive approach to providing feedback. As a former professional tennis player on the WTA tour, she was able to pass on value experience on being high level tennis player.”

Kai Zheng- Princeton, NJ

“Neha Uberoi was my tennis coach for two years from 2012-2014. During that time she helped me substantially with both my physical and mental game. I improved considerably while training with Neha. Neha was an amazing coach. She was patient, knowledgeable, and passionate. She always managed to motivate me even when I was having a bad day. In addition, Neha was very clear when giving me advice. She was understanding whenever I was struggling, but also knew when to be tough and push me past my limits. Above all, I enjoyed all of my lessons with Neha and could not have asked for a better tennis coach. Sincerely, Kai Zheng”

Reyana Alwani – Boca Raton, FL

“Dearest Neha, I just wanted to thank u with all my heart for the love and dedication you have given Tara and myself. You are really an inspiring young woman and however Tara is improving it would not have been so with any other coach. You are disciplined yet so loving. Really a hard combination that you bring to the court so easily. Thank you so much! We will both miss you dearly have a good summer and loves to whole family and your other half!”


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