Dealing Acne Scars and Perfectionist Thinking

Wellness October 28, 2016

Seeing my ‘imperfections’ daily was just too overwhelming and to cope, I learned to start thinking in gradations and to keep re-focusing on things I could control.

Attempting A Minimalist Wardrobe

Wellness October 23, 2016

I’d been on the fence about trying the whole minimalist closet thing. What if I suddenly needed the clothes? What if I get rid of a piece that comes back in style?

Pure Barre Review

Fitness September 28, 2016

If you think Pure Barre is for skinny white girls who are all dancers and can point their toes like ballerinas, you’re not wrong.

7 Wellness Hacks for Lazy People

Wellness January 19, 2016

I consider myself a healthy person, but I’m definitely lazy. Sure I work out and take the time to read labels when grocery shopping, but when it comes to wellness practices, I’m always looking for an easy way out…

Nobody Else Knows What They Are Doing: Uncertainty

Wellness January 8, 2016

Most days I’m super confident and pumped about ‘exploring’ and taking each day as it comes and all that flowery stuff…

4 Factors That Determine Your Relationship With Food

Wellness September 8, 2015

Real lifestyle change and sustainable results occur when we gain a deeper understanding of our individual food relationship.

How I Learned to Forgive Myself

Wellness August 12, 2015

Forgiving ourselves is one of the most difficult yet rewarding things we can do for our inner wellness. Sometimes its scary to let go of the all the…

13 Habits of Fit and Healthy Women

Fitness, Wellness May 5, 2015

#1. They eat breakfast. Fit women know that enjoying the most important meal of the day not only rev’s up their metabolism but gives them fuel to reach their daily goals.

Practicing Happiness: 10 Things that Cheer Me Up When I’m Down

Wellness June 27, 2014

Listening to this song because it’s so stupid and cacthy I just have to sing and dance to it. It also reminds me of a really fun night dancing in Mumbai with my sister, Shikha.

7 Things I did Wrong as a Tennis Player

Tennis, Wellness November 25, 2013

The effort we make to achieve our goals can severely be hindered by the sub conscious choices we make every day.