Support for Former Athletes


I spent the first 20 years of life dedicated to tennis. The transition away from professional sports and in to “normal” life is hard. I understand the daily mental, emotional and physical challenges former athletes face.

Therapy and Counseling for former athletes.

I work with current and former professional and collegiate athletes as they transition throughout the various stages of their athletic careers and lives. With the combination of my skills as a psychotherapist, personal athletic experience, coaching expertise and academic research,  I work with clients who are looking to thrive in life after sports.

Support for high-achievers who want to enjoy the next chapter of their professional and personal lives.

I am familiar with the complexities that surface while transitioning to the life after your athletic career has ended. A myriad of changes are occurring to your identity, purpose, motivation, body, finances, relationships, career, education and lifestyle. I support my clients each step of the way, providing them with tangible skills and resources. I work collaboratively to help athletes identify and utilize strengths they already have in their next phase of life.

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