I spent the first 22 years of life dedicated to tennis. The transition away from professional sports and in to “normal” life is hard. I understand the daily mental, emotional and physical challenges former athletes face.

Let me help you.

Coaching and consulting for former professional athletes.

I work with current and former athletes as they transition throughout the various stages of their athletic careers and lives.

With the combination of my personal athletic experience, coaching expertise, research, professional career expertise and support, I work with you to create custom programs to help reach your goals, develop skillsets and succeed – in the next chapter of your life. These strategies are successful for current student-athletes, elite and professional athletes transitioning out of sport.

Life coaching for high-achievers who want to enjoy professional success and a fulfilling personal life.

I am familiar with the complexities that surface while transitioning to the life after your athletic career has concluded. We discuss change in identity, finances, relationships, career, education and lifestyle concerns you may have. I will help you optimize your life step by step.

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