Be an Urban Athlete


Finding time to go to the gym on a busy work schedule can be really tough. Sometimes your social life can get in the way of that special workout time. But you don’t have to go to the gym to get your muscled firing, become an Urban Athlete. Having been a pro athlete, I’m always trying to find ways to push my body, no matter what the setting.

Here are just 5 ways to kick start your metabolism, burn some calories and tone up on the way to work.

1. Park further away. Just an additional few hundred feet of walking a day can add up over the week. I park where it is free which means it further away. Not only am I saving money, I’m getting a healthy 5 minute brisk walk.

2. Take the stairs, seriously. New York City is great for this. There are endless staircases and escalators in subway stations. Challenge yourself to surface above ground using the stairs. Go fast, go by 2’s or 3’s. Overtime a short period of time you’ll see your endurance improve. Even the 53rd and Lex metro station won’t challenge you!

3. Have a heavy work bag? Great, pump out some bicep curls. Put your bag behind your head and do some triceps reps.

4. Use the train time as training time. Crowded commute? Don’t have a place to sit? Perfect. Back yourself in to the doors and do some squat holds. Not only are you working your legs but also your core strength to stay balanced while the train jerks you around.

5. Brisk walk to work, put your iPod on and pick up the pace. Ladies if you wear heels, pack them in your bag and commute in walking shoes. Your joints will thank you later.