Princeton Pride

Mark, Princeton University Services
Mark, Princeton University Services

Mark was the janitor in 1903 hall my senior year. I walked by him today on the way to see a graduating friend. “Hey how are you doing? Welcome back. How’s the start up in nyc?”

 I do recall talking to Mark every so often but can hardly remember our discussions let alone telling him my career plans after graduating. That was 2 years ago.

We chatted about Princeton reunions and his increased workload. “Oh we know when we get hired we basically have 30 days on non-stop work around this time. No days off but you know the University takes care of us. You bet we get bonus.” I asked him if he’s ever had a bad experience working here.

“No, never. Well I’m lucky because I work senior dorms. I don’t have to deal with kids who haven’t gotten their crazy out. Most of my kids are working hard on their JP’s or thesis or job applications. Ive never had an issue with a student.”

My kids, that is Princeton pride.

“Mark I always wondered how you got the plastic bag so perfectly around the garbage can.” He says chuckling “when you do something for this long, you usually get pretty good at it I guess.”

 I commented on his new uniform. “Yeah they are a lot more civil looking aren’t they.”

Mark has been working at Princeton University for 13 years. He loves this place too, ‘the best damn place of all.’