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South Asians in Sports, is a network of South Asian sports industry professionals. 

SAinSports is a non-profit (501c3) and the mission is trifold: to be the premier community of successful professional South Asians who work in the sports industry, support, connect and promote the South Asian impact on the industry and to serve as a resource for those aspiring to work in sports. Last year, the network hosted three networking events in NYC and Chicago (as well as a few digital events). The events had panel discussions with prominent South Asians working across the industry, from sports journalists to entrepreneurs. SAinSports is building a network of not just industry professionals, but athletes and coaches as well.

Cofounded in 2015 by Neha Uberoi Khangoora and Neha S. Contractor, SAinSports is dedicated to serving a global community of executives, businessmen and businesswomen, attorneys, entertainers, journalists, entrepreneurs, students, professional athletes, coaches and non-profit leaders working in sports.

Visit the website to learn more about SAinSports featured members, past and upcoming events, free membership and how you can get involved.

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Neha Uberoi Khangoora

Neha Uberoi Khangoora is a former professional tennis player, social entrepreneur and health and wellness advocate. She is the co-founder of South Asians in Sports (, a network of South Asian professionals who work in the sports industry.