Indian Energy Cookies and Simple Sweet Potato

Vegetarian and Vegan Energy Cookies
Vegetarian and Vegan Energy Cookies

If you are like me and get hungry between meals, you probably struggle to find interesting, hearty and healthy snacks. I’d like to share 2 things I love to eat that are delicious, filling and don’t get in the way of my lifestyle goals. 

Mithi Roti

If you are Punjabi you’ve probably eaten a lot of mithi roti (sweet bread). However, by changing the ingredients and leaving some out, mithi roti makes for an incredible long lasting vegetarian food source.

Recipe: Mix water, spelt flour (or a gluten free alternative), hemp, jaggery, ground almonds, a pinch of cardamom and fennel seeds in to a nice doughy consistency. Make a small, round and flat patties using your hands or a rolling pin.  Using a non-stick pan or a traditional Indian thava, cook the patty until it browns on both sides. Let them cool before placing them in a zip lock bag. 

I like to keep Mithi rotis in my purse. They are great for between meal snacks and hold me over when I’m running around the city and don’t have time to eat. To make them even more filling, I like to spread a thin layer of natural peanut butter. Voila, Indian waffles! 

Sweet Potato

Literally, the easiest thing to make and soooo filling! Microwave the sweet potato 3 minutes so it still a bit under cooked, cool and peel. Cut it in to 1/2 inch rings and grill on a non-stick pan until browned. Cool, place in a zip lock bag and refrigerate.  

Sweet potato makes a great breakfast, midday snack and a great addition to any meal. 

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