8 Healthier Snack Options

 I am borderline hypoglycemic which means that if I don’t eat every three to four hours I start to get tired, sleepy, cranky and woozy. Sometimes, when I have not come prepared with snacks or I miss a meal, I tap out, start crying and just curl up in to fetal position. I have had to learn how to prevent and prepare for this by carrying easy, nutrient rich and protein packed snacks with me.

So many nutritionists and health gurus emphasize eating five to six small meals a day instead of three big ones. Unfortunately our society doesn’t allow for such meal time-outs (not to mention we barely have time for the three basic ones).Here is a list of snacks I like to throw in my bag. They are relatively easy to find and they help me feel full, energetic, balanced and fit.

1. 100 calorie almond packs
2. boiled eggs ( yes I do carry boiled eggs around)
3. chobani yogurt
4. peanut butter and banana or peanut butter
5. single pack almond milk
6. oranges
7. dark chocolate
8. low fat string cheese


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