Meditation Through Sport

I am not fond of meditation. In fact I can tell you that I actually resent it. My Indian upbringing has given me the privilege to learn about the invaluable effects of meditation on the body, mind and spirit. I am sure many of my South Asian peers can relate to being forced, coerced and guilt tripped in to practicing meditation. I am am in my mid twenties now but still have negative knee jerk reaction to it. At this point in my life I can not incorporate it in to my daily practice the way I do working out in the gym or checking emails. 

The deepest spiritual moments I have experienced have come in two forms: the minutes after overcoming a combined physical and mental struggle and competing in the “zone.”  Conquering the combined mental and physical challenge of hitting 2 sets of 10 running forehands in a specific 3 foot space gave me that inner calm.  Pushing mind and body out of their comfort zones, I overcame fear and doubt. The moments after achieving this were bliss.

Similarly, competing while absolutely engrossed in the present moment, I experienced state of complete awareness and joy.  Those moments made me feel more connected to life yet so detached at the same time. 

Maybe they were coated with a satisfaction of achievement and contentment. Or was it pure bliss? 

I don’t train like that any more and struggle to capture that same mediative peace. Dancing has a transcending effect but the purity is tainted by the awareness of loud pounding music. 

I came across this article my mother shared with me in Yoga International from the Himalayan Institute. It made me think, how else can I meditate? 

How do you heal the split within yourself?