Working Out with Will

Working out with Will 
Working out with Will 

I got invited to Brazil for Thanksgiving this year. I am extremely excited for the upcoming trip. I’ve been wanting to visit Rio de Janeiro ever since I went to Sao Paolo 15 years ago to play the Banana Bowl Junior ITF tennis tournament.  

During my time at Princeton, our Sociology department focused heavily on Brazilian socio-economic history, culture, race and policy. I cannot wait to explore what I studied. BUT (big but) I need to fit in! Working in an office for the past 6 months has been challenging for my work out routine and body.  I need a Brazilian butt in 4 weeks! 

Luckily, I was able to start a few training sessions with Will Torres at Will Space in the West Village. Will is a celebrity trainer who has worked in the industry for over a decade to formulate concise and effective 1 hour full body workouts. I was hesitant to trust a trainer again. It has been 5 years since someone helped me in the gym. Will is extremely professional, no bullshit and humble. He was able to quickly gauge my fitness level and has pushed me to get a great workout every time. He even corrected my form with bench dips. I have been doing them wrong to compensate for my lack of strength. No wonder I have no triceps! 

I’m looking forward to getting in great shape with Will just in time for my Brazilian getaway.  

Contact Will Torres for his schedule and partner workout program and come train with me!