9 Steps to a Healthier and Happier You

It is so easy to get down, depressed and fall in to negative self-destructive habits. Our society is drenched in stimulation, instant gratification and the never ending rat race of perceived success. This lifestyle has time and time again brought my spirits down, often without warning. Here are 9 steps you can take to help curb those super down days, stay more stable emotionally and empower yourself. They have helped me tremendously and I hope they can help you lead your best life.

1. Admit your weaknesses. We all have things about us that are not perfect. Admit to them and be aware of them. Weakness is not a bad thing.

2. Don’t eat your emotions. Everyone knows this one way too well.

3. Write your emotions down, get them all out on a unsent email, a journal, a napkin. Just don’t eat the paper after your done cause that is still eating your emotions. 🙂

4. Dance like no one is watching. Or dance when no one is watching. There is a reason why so many ancient traditions danced in a circle together. It is a huge spiritual release.  In our world, there are very few people who can go to a night club and shake their jelly with reckless abandon.

5. Do something easy (and preferably free) that makes you happy without using electronics. Something like beading, painting  your nails, singing, knitting, a jigsaw puzzle. Do an activity that uses almost all of your senses and something that is active. Reading and a bubble bath are good but too passive to let yourself be totally engrossed.

6. Find your mantra, something you repeat to yourself that helps you remember what is truly important to you in life. Suggestions: “I am worthy of love.” “I am exactly where I should be.” “I do my best and leave the rest.”

7.  Forgive yourself.

8. Dress well. Dressing well helps you feel good. Wether you are working out, going to the office or lounging around, invest in your look. Wear nice things.

9. Exercise daily. Even if it is just 5 minutes, do something that pushes your body to the max in flexibility, endurance and strength. Here is a video with a five minute work out that covers all these areas.

Shakin’ it with Shikha skip to minute 3 where my sister is making me bust my butt!





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