Making Indian Food Healthier and Juicing Recipes

I got to go home to Florida this weekend. I got undivided attention from my parents which is a nice treat (I’m one of 5 girls) and I enjoyed warm weather Eating my mother’s home cooked Indian food, I noticed some easy ways we can make North Indian food gluten-free and healthier. 

This aloo ki roti (potato stuffed unleavened bread) is made out of spelt flour. Though spelt is not gluten-free it is healthier alternative than wheat. Other gluten-free alternatives that can be used in to make roti are:  millet, pearl millet (bajra), amaranth, rice flour or a combination of a few. These ingredients make for heartier rotis not just paranthas. By changing the flour you use to make rotis, you are allowing for quality complex carbs and a balanced diet. Try it! 


We also experimented with different juices. Juicing is a big trend, especially in NYC. I find it unhealthy and a waste of time and money. Everyone I know has been extremely uncomfortable during the “cleanse” and gained all their weight back. A healthier option is to take those $4 a day that you spend at Starbucks and invest in your health with a freshly squeezed juice

The morning (before breakfast) is the best time to drink a fresh greens or fruit juice.. Drinking green juice on an empty stomach allows for all the nutrients to go in to your bloodstream instead of causing indigestion. You’ll find that most super models and celebrities toss back a freshly pressed spinach/kale/beets/red cabbage drink every morning. 

Today I tried beet root with orange juice. My mom had a kale, blueberry, banana smoothie with almond milk and topped it with flax and chia seeds. I’ve heard a lot of people mix milk with avocado but just based on Ayurveda, mixing those ingredients sounds like a painful digestion process. What are your favorite juice recipes? 

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