This photo of three supermodels, Alessandra Ambrosio, Crystal Renn and Brooklyn Decker posing in St. Barth’s without photoshop has been popping up all over the net. Honestly, I find this photo very refreshing. It makes me ask, can we accept beauty in it’s natural forms or must they be altered to look unattainable? 

And though I would like to think I am not affected by media and society I have to admit, seeing this photo makes me feel better about my body. 

I would love to have more unadulterated things surface back in to our lives like this photo. I like spots on my apples, I don’t need fruits and vegetables to be painted to look more vibrant or injected to taste sweeter. Let’s leave paint where it is supposed to be, on a canvas and away from our food! 

  Photo from Yahoo Style
  Photo from Yahoo Style

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