Hyper-Sexualization Rant

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I just flipped through 20 TV channels for 10 minutes and I’m fed up. I am so sick of the  complete 360 degrees of  hyper-sexualized shit content on TV, magazines, blogs and videos. I don’t even watch TV regularly and I’m still sick of it. I’m tired of people exploiting their bodies or being outlandish with their opinions that add little positive value to  society being given so much air time. Why do I need to know that Miley Cyrus is gyrating or again naked in her video every second of the day? Why?! Why does the girl who only takes pictures of her butt on Instagram have 2 million followers and a endorsement contract?

It makes me feel like I have to do all that crap to get noticed. It makes me feel like nothing i say is of value and that only my appearance matters and that is so freaking depressing. While Sheryl Sandberg tells me to lean in and Rosa Brooks tells me to recline back, Kim Kardashian is making 60 million plus a year for dating sports stars filming and her sex life. And if I do post a sexier picture on my social media sites, I over think posting it for fear of being another chick with a sexy pic. Or even worse, being a hypocrite.

My own South Asian community is no better. Every media channel dedicated to South Asians is about sexed-out Bollywood actors and actresses, Indian porn stars or musicians making hyper-sexualized videos. What is most disappointing is that so many other interesting things could fill this space. We could use these platforms to talk about lifestyle choices, cuisine, yoga, Ayurveda, religion, balancing your culture in America, relationships, work life balance for successful South Asian women… We are known to be such an educated, influential and prosperous immigrant group but don’t have any major platform dedicated to showcasing this. Why not?! People do care, and they will watch quality.

Yeah I get it, there are initiatives like Miss Representation and shows that have great quality but the vast majority of what I’m seeing and listening too is sexual and its being shoved in my face. I just want it all to stop.

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