All Natural Brazilian Keratin Treatment at Laces & Hair

During my trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil this past November, I got to visit the famous Laces & Hair salon for a treatment. The salon is family owned by Mercedes Dios and her daughters. They make all of their completely natural hair treatments in house (not sure about the Keratin). I opted for an Amino Apple and Honey nourishment which would de-frizz my hair, make it smooth but keeps its natural texture. My younger sisters got similar treatments, no one wanted the Keratin.  Not only did the wonderful staff pamper us, but one of the owners personally consulted each of us on our hair quality and the best treatment. She even spent an hour on Niki’s hair cutting each split end. Brazilian women take their hair seriously! The best party about the treatment (besides the neck massages) was that my hair looked and felt amazing for 8 weeks afterward!

I would wake up to amazing hair days (seriously, I have a few Instagram selfies). if you ever get a chance to visit Sao Paulo, do yourself a hair favor and get to Laces & Hair.

Check out my before and after!

Before and After Before and After After After Niki getting pampered at Laces and Hair Niki getting pampered at Laces and Hair in Sao Paulo, Brazil.