Practicing Gratitude


I’ve been struggling for 3 days stuck on what to write for Mom’s birthday. Should I be verbose, should I keep it simple? How will I articulate what I’m really trying to say? Will she understand? Will she be pleased? 

I want to write everything and at the same time nothing. She knows there isn’t anything to be said. What words will do her justice? 

All I can think of is.. 

She who created me

puts my mind and body at ease

sees all that I am and who I can be 

Gives herself to her family completely 

a walking testament to spirituality 

Every year I grow older I realize more and more her power

captivating everyone like a magnificent flower

“your mother” they all gasp- every single one of them in awe

 my mother, I can’t grasp how lucky I am that God made me her spawn  

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Neha Uberoi