Beyond Positive Affirmations

Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking

Often my mother says “Look, its Daddy’s luck” and “look how lucky Daddy is” or “its just his Sagittarius luck”. Usually its when we are pressed for time, late for a flight or simply just looking for a parking spot in a packed lot. She says “If I were to do to speed, illegally park, drive on the shoulder, I’d get a ticket but Dad always gets away with it” or “the perfect thing always appears waiting for Dad.”

As a child I really thought my father had some extra special luck, some invisible rabbit’s foot or four-leaf clover hanging over his head throughout his life. I’ve spent my life observing and studying my father, out of anger, out of fear and out of admiration and I have come to the conclusion that my father is not a lucky person.

I am beginning to realize that the “luck” (as my mother would say) throughout his life comes from power we have as individuals to create the existence we want.  I don’t just mean positive thinking “I hope there is a spot in the front of the parking lot when I go to yoga because I’m running late and don’t want to spend time parking” but rather, “I am a few minutes late to yoga but God will find a way to help me.” Or perhaps even more blatant affirmation, “There is always a perfect spot waiting for me.” It is his faith in something greater than him and a feeling of worthiness that allows him to receive his daily affirmations.

5 kids, 2 homes, startup businesses, employees, travel — constant change. A man could go insane with the stress. His ability to witness and fearlessly and sincerely choose what to think minute to minute affirm the world the way he wishes to experience it and it manifests to bless his life and bless those around him.

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