Self-Care for Success

my adult coloring book my ‘adult’ coloring book

At the end of it all I’m learning that self-care is what allows you to the ability to push yourself toward your goals in a sustainable manner. If we are unable to self manage and care for our bodies and minds, things tend to fall apart pretty quickly and suddenly life gets very hard.

One message I have repeatedly received from self-help books and speakers is that self-care and self-management are of utmost importance. Often we tend to neglect ourselves and this has a negative effect not only on us individually but on society at large.

I’ve noticed that it takes a lot of self-respect to understand the importance of self care and do it consistently. For whatever reasons and excuses its so easy to fall pray to neglecting proper nutrition or adequate sleep and exercise. Even small acts such as holding your bladder during work or not putting on lotion to soothe dry skin effect us in many negative ways.

A few months ago it was made apparent to me that I don’t pamper and encourage myself the way I do others. Although I will argue that I do take decent care of my physical fitness and eat pretty healthy, I was indeed harsh to myself.  I noticed even the way I washed my face and brushed my teeth was so rough. This roughness mirrored my self-talk.  I started to make a conscious effort to be gentler in my actions. I smiled and used delicate gestures as I applied lotion, washed my faced and pressed gently as I brushed. In a few weeks time, these actions had an extended effect. They made me think nicer thoughts about myself and over the past few months I have noticed how much negative self talk has been dissolved replaced with more encouragement and freedom to do things without self judgment.

I now look forward to the time I have made an effort to put aside for what I like to call pampering minutes.

Here are a few things I’ve been doing for better self-care:

  • Self oil massage
  • Regular pedicures
  • Cooking a nice meal for myself and plating it beautifully
  • Recently I discovered coloring in my coloring book brings me so much peace and a break from my thoughts.
  • Yoga
  • Going to Raw Juce and getting a detox shot
  • Cutting fresh fruit for myself to munch on
  • Taking a few extra minutes in the morning to do my hair. This is new for me, I usually throw it in a bun or in a braid, but I want to show myself that I care about my hair.
  • Here is an article I found with even more self-care ideas.

Oil massage on Sunday Oil massage on Sunday

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