Top 10 Habits of Healthy People

 1. They don’t drink soda. Soda is just plain bad, it weakens bone density, hurts your stomach and it is linked to obesity.

2. They don’t go on diets. Healthy people never diet, they eat what they want and because of that are able to maintain their weight. They know that allowing themselves the freedom to eat whatever they want  reduces and often eliminates cravings to binge on the bad stuff.

3. They know their body. Salubrious people know what foods make them bloat, sluggish, tired and energetic. They are aware of how their body feels and what it needs to maintain balance. This could mean, sleep, exercise, relaxation etc.

4. They limit their intake of foods with added sugars. Though not on a diet, healthy people limit the amount of foods they eat with high fructose corn syrup and sugar. Even foods that seem healthy, like flavored yogurt and juice are laden with teaspoons upon teaspoons of sugar.

5. They drink room temperature or warm water. Water at room temperature or above aids in digestions, regulating your metabolism and breaking down fatty acids. Cold water slows down blood circulation and makes it harder for the body to break down fat.

6. They limit processed carbs. Sure healthy people enjoy a plate of pasta or pizza pie guilt free but its not part of their daily diet. You won’t find many (if any) processed carbs such as crackers, breads and pasta in their pantry.

7. They get a good sweat at least 4x a week. Healthy people love getting sweaty and flushing out bodily toxins through physical exercise.

8. They enjoy the feeling of their muscles burning. That’s right, they love feeling their muscles burning, getting sore the next day and doing it all over again.

9. They find places to work out outside of the gym. Being healthy is a lifestyle and those that are have hobbies and habits that allow them to work out in other places. This may mean they are rock climbing enthusiasts, love hiking, squash players or basketball fanatics. Activity is connected to their hobby.

10. They are slightly narcissistic. Healthy people are proud of their bodies and the way they look. This allows them to take good care of themselves and respect what was given to them.