Unbloat and get a Flat Stomach

A lot of women get bloated around menstruation and you can’t always curb that but sometimes our diet can lead to swelling up. Sometimes your stomach just bloats right up after a heavy meal. Other times your whole body just feels heavy and sensitive as if there was water in your skin. This water balloon feeling happens to me when I have to much sugar, carbs and meat in my diet. Here are some fast remedies. Although they do not work immediately, I see the swelling come down within 1 day.

1. Drink a lot of room temperature water with lemon. 

2. Completely eliminate starches, bread and sugar from your diet especially rice, popcorn, juice, pasta, soda, red meat and beans. These foods cause gas and bloating.  Remember this is only for 1 day. 

3. Drink 1/3 cup Cranberry juice mixed with 2/3 cup water or drink hot green tea (no sugar added). These drinks are known to be natural diuretics. 

4. Eat watermelon in the morning, it will make you feel full then help you detox because you will be urinating. 

5. Go for a short walk after your meals, it will help the digestion process. 

6. Before going to bed drink warm water. This helps with weight loss in general. 

7. Eat fennel seeds. There is a reason why Indians eat “somph” after every meal. 

8. Sweat it out. Sometimes you just need to get all the toxins out of your body by getting a good work out.

Stay away from diuretics. They don’t work and mess up your body’s hydration. 



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