How I Recognized Love in a Very Different Form


Recognizing Love in All Forms

It’s taken me a long time to develop a good understanding and relationship with my eldest sister. I moved to a tennis academy when I was 9 years old. When you don’t grow up in the same house it can be a challenge to jump right back in as full grown adults. We missed a lot of each others important life events and even the seemingly not so important day-in and day-out. 

What I really missed was understanding how my sister communicates her love. I was always disappointed, expecting to receive love from her in its most obvious forms. She isn’t one for sweet words or big sister cuddles. 

But my sister loves to bake. For my birthday last year, she asked me what kind of cake I wanted. As she stood there obsessing about the ‘perfect’ recipe, it was then that I finally recognized what she was really giving me. This time, I was ready to receive it. 

A short poem to explicate:

She goes to special stores to get exactly what it needs

Don’t you see? She loves me.

Each ingredient is measured carefully, poured and mixed in to a batter of perfect consistency. 

Don’t you see? She loves me.

She prepares each concoction to perfection, leaving the kitchen completely undone.

Don’t you see? She loves me.

In to the oven the recipe goes, where she watches over it ever so carefully, poking and prodding it until it takes new shape. 

Don’t you see?  She loves me.

She ices each layer, each side, until everything is smothered with her love and pride.

Don’t you see? She loves me.

Some sisters give hugs, some give kisses, some even say “I love you.” 

But who needs Xs and O’s or words for word’s sake when instead you get the most delicious cake.